Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just like a camel

In the past few days, Aurora has experienced an unusual amount of queasiness, which rectifies itself in sometimes long-distance barfing. This morning we spent an hour, our last hour of the night (even though it was 8-9 am), having a delicious bottle of fresh milk. Once we lay down in bed for our last catnap of the night, everything came up. Damn.

Here is a photo right before the incident. Her spit-up goatee should be an indication of the impending chunder.


Sandra said...

Impending chunder!

:) I'm looking forward to more stories.

Lorraine said...

She definitely has a I-am-going-to-hurl look about her.

Lark said...

Ah, the fractured sleep that is parenthood. Or so I've heard.

Linda Meikle said...

Thanks for the invitation. I've saved this in my favorites and will visit often.

Aurora's baby pictures are simply darling! Good thing her mother has the photographer's touch too!

Adults who have this "reflux" problem benefit from having the head of the bed elevated - or however you can provide that for baby after feeding. Even putting "blocks" under the legs of the head of the crib might help.

Love, Mama Linda

vanessa said...

What a doll-baby! She's adorable! Thank you for the invitation.

As for the reflux - I think your friend, Linda is onto something. My son, Brandon, too, had projectile vomiting. Like clockwork after nursing, up it would come, sometimes spewing across the room and hitting the wall. I hadn't yet been in for my 2 week post-birth check-up, when the docs decided that we needed to rule out pyloric stenosis, which is a narrowing of the sphincter at the base of the stomach into the intestines. They fed him some kind of baby formula with barium in it (horrors - he was strictly a breast-fed child to that point!) and we watched on a flouroscope as the food went down. Had it been pyloric stenosis they were going to keep him and do emergency surgery that day at Emanuel, but instead, the formula got into the stomach, and then came right back out!!

He turned out to have an underdeveloped sphincter at the top of the stomach (not the bottom). Pyloric stenosis is a progressive thing that continues to worsen, but that thing that Brandon had was something they said he'd grow out of. They just told me to never go anywhere without an extra change of clothes for both him and me, and to keep him upright for at least 20-30 minutes after nursing. He grew out of it at, maybe 3 months?

To this day, though, that's the place where he's weakest and when he gets an illness, things come up pretty easily. He inherited that feature from my mother, who also has dealt with life-long issues with reflux. Even at almost 21 years of age, Brandon still has to take precautions when he flies on commercial airlines, in order to avoid upchucking. I believe his trick is that he tries to maintain an empty stomach before take-off and stops ingesting things at least half an hour before landing.

Anyway, hope that helps. Since that pyloric condition is waaaaay more common in boys, I think you don't have anything to worry about that the passage of time won't cure. But I suggest taking a change of clothes for both of you whenever you go out (I kept a bag in the car with wipes and towels, too), is my advice, and you might try keeping Aurora upright for 20 minutes after feeding and see if that helps. Big hugs from Mom and me!!

Laurie said...

Dear Katy: If it's any encouagement, Parker starting spitting up (projectile vomiting) about the same time as Aurora, and kept it up until he was around three months old. I tried to always be ready, but of course, you can never anticipate it. And even though it seemed like everything was shooting out, it was really only about half of his meal - so he continued to gain weight and was very happy. That's my story. When I asked the doctor about it, and when I could anticipate it being over, he said, "You seldom see men of 25 vomiting like that, do you?" Of course, he didn't know my friends! Love you....

claire said...

hey katy, that is one absolutely gorgeous little baby girl. Wow. Leo went through the phase for the first 2 or 3 months (i's kind of vague just how long it lasted) of puking up all of his milk one or two times a day. It seemed like sometimes I just wouldn't get out that air bubble at the bottom of his stomach by burping him and then it would all come shooting out in a dramatic fashion. He totally grew out of it once he wasn't so little and floppy. I think it's actually a pretty common thing in the beginning, and our pediatrician said that as long as it's not 3 or 4 times a day, and as long as he has a wet diaper at least every 6 hours or so, it's nothing to worry about.

how are you doing otherwise???

you look great, and Aurora looks wonderful.