Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Activities

Exercise was the order of the day today. (Well, as much as I've gotten recently, which is not much.)
Smacky mostly rode, which doesn't require very much effort, I must say. Except for bracing herself when we took the stroller over curbs and across the bumpy field at the park.

Gary and I stopped at Laurelhurst park for a brief jaunt and decided to walk over to Belmont for coffee. It's only about 4 or 5 blocks, and when we got there the Belmont Street Fair was in full blast. Lots of people were milling about; we quickly became overwhelmed by the masses and headed to relatively quiet Hawthorne.

Smacky enjoyed some lukewarm milk and a diaper change (enjoyed might be the wrong word for the latter activity) while Gary and I ate our way across the avenue.

Upon returning home, naps were had by all, following an unfortunate, passionate and loud screaming jag by the baby. I even stripped her and checked her for bee stings (yes, irrational, but after you've tried everything, why not try something else?) which proved fruitless. I finally got her to taste a little milk and she succumbed to the comforting and sustaining bottle, which apparently was her desire from the getgo. Lesson learned: even if baby says she's not hungry, try again, because maybe she is!

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