Monday, October 27, 2008

Keep Smiling

Smacky and I have been making the most of our last days together before I go back to work. Tonight we had a fun bath with strawberry soap, floating, and swimming (practically!). I even managed to keep her from crying when the shower curtain fell down. Phew!

Today we went for a walk down Hawthorne to do a few errands, and in the morning we went to babies R us for diapering supplies with Granny.

Here is smacky lying across my chest on the couch, the place that we sit for pumping and noshing. Basically, the baby kitchen. Last week we had some work started on the house which left 3-4 inch holes surrounding the back door- brrr! The weather is in the 60s this week and today our handyman sprayed insulation into the cracks so smacky didn't have to wear her snowman fleece like in this picture.

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