Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My, what a stylish hat!

What a weekend we had! Saturday we spent the day at the Oregon State Fair, eating everything fried we could get our paws on, looking at the animals, peeking at all the other little babies and finally vowing never to eat anything ever again as we waddled home. My mom went on a flying saucer ride with Arlo and they were both a little green during the ride home.

In typical Oregon fashion, the sun played peekaboo with us and we were chilly in the shade and crisping in the sun every other minute. Luckily Aurora's Great Aunt Laurie had thoughtfully included a sunhat in Aurora's layette, so baby was protected not only with a shade in front but with a neck-saving flap in back. No rednecks here, thank you very much!

Sunday Aurora and I received visitors at my mom's house (aka Granny) at her Coming Out party. She's a little young and she didn't wear chiffon (100% cotton was the fabric of the day) but it was a successful gathering with two neighbors and three cousins visiting.

My mom's favorite cousin Gail was in town from Seattle on Monday, so Gail came over with Great Great Aunt Betty for a visit. We all met at my mom's again and after the visitors left, Aurora worked out with my mom doing pull ups and pushups until her little arms were rubbery. Well, more rubbery than usual.