Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ruler of the Roost

Can you tell by their expressions who is the queen and who is merely the queen's servant?

Yes, the small, wiggly one made the tall, lanky one find just the right position for her comfort and happiness. Phew. Good going, Gary. You don't want to make the queen cry!

Horsetail Falls

I've been hankering for some greenspace lately, so Sunday Gary and I drove up the gorge. We took the old highway and passed several waterfalls before arriving at our destination, Horsetail Falls. I strapped the baby into our new baby bjorn (what was I thinking? Did I really need an extra 10 pounds to carry up the trail?!) and we headed up, with me in the lead to set the pace. Huffing and puffing, with Gary behind me to break our fall if needed, we made our way the half mile to the upper falls. Aurora watched the scenery for awhile and then decided her efforts were better spent napping.

It was an 80-degree day but the air was refreshingly cooler as we approached the waterfall. The trail descended to curve underneath a shallow cave, and we walked below the waterfall and thought about living down there. Too damp, I think. Aurora slept through the whole walk and then had a tasty snack once we reached the bottom.