Wednesday, September 10, 2008


After several days of Aurora becoming fussy in the evenings, Gary and I took drastic steps. Aunt Laurie suggested maybe it was the caffeine I'd started drinking again that made Aurora not take naps during the day and then get upset around dinnertime.

Poor baby! Naughty, sleep deprived, Frappucino-loving Mama.

Baby swing to the rescue! It swings and plays music, which is not unlike the music you can hear in the summer emanating from those obnoxious ice cream trucks. It's less brassy and annoying, thank goodness.

Yesterday the swing held her interest (as in, helped her sleep) for several hours. Today we had visitors and a long trip to the fabric store, so she only had a little time to sway with Gary and Arlo watching and reading to her. Luckily she's sleeping well now (it's after midnight) and hopefully the trend will continue!

Oh, and I stopped drinking any caffeine. That's NOT a trend I would like to continue.

Is There No Privacy?

Some people just don't like to be seen when they're eating. And yet other people are always lurking with a camera. Tsk tsk.


Who needs bibs when you can cover the whole baby with a diaper? Plus if she falls asleep afterwards it makes a handy blanket. And they're organic!

And, of course, the indefatigable Baby Power sign. Almost missed that, didn't you?