Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A History of Biting

There was an incident last night.

In the wee, small hours of the morning, when the whole wide world was fast asleep, including me and Aurora, I had a dream. I was helping a friend adjust his suit, and he was being bitchy. Ungrateful man, I thought, and bit him.

What a tiny hand he has! I thought. It fits completely into my mouth.
And then I heard the baby cry, and awoke to discover that I had fit her whole fist into my mouth and chomped. Apparently it didn't hurt too much since she only gave three little cries and fell back asleep. Thank god! Then I woke her again, shaking the bed as I laughed.

When my brother was about the same age, he and my mom and I were going somewhere. Suddenly Jimmy started crying. (See a trend here?)

"What did you do to him?" my mom demanded, unable to see us as she had to continue driving.

"I bited him!" I declared, defiant.

Old habits die hard. I guess the moral is: don't bite anyone, even in your dreams. Unless you're four, and your mom is too busy driving to punish you.

New Sitter

We found a babysitter, someone we've known for a while and who we think is trustworthy.

The armrest was a major selling point for her, I think.