Saturday, September 20, 2008

Woohoo, the Zoo!

Smacky slept for the first part of our visit to the zoo on Friday, enjoying her stroller and cozy fleece outfit. Then the sun came out and so did Smacky.

Here she is with my mom, riding frontwards in the bjorn for the first time. Lucky girl gets to see something other than her mount's chest!

The line to see the new baby elephant was way too long so we went to Africa instead. The meerkats were almost cuter than the baby (certainly fluffier), but I had a hard time getting a good photo of them. The one you see here was the lookout, keeping watch against predators while the other kats rummaged around their cage and dug in their holes.

If you haven't been to the Oregon Zoo lately, I highly recommend you go, especially if you have a child. Lots of the exhibits are interactive and the zoo is very kid friendly. Plus they have elephant ears, in case you missed them at the fair this year. No vomit-inducing rides, though.