Sunday, September 21, 2008

Too Much Grog

Don't ask me why, but Portland has a thing for pirates. It may be due to the high amount of creative (and eccentric) people who live here, but then again it may just be due to the high popularity of the Disney movie from a few years ago.

Whatever the reason, we not only have pirate bands in Portland but an actual Pirate Festival. Gary and I thought it would be fun to take Arlo to it, so after Smacky's and my 3 hour nap, we put on our pirate garb and headed out.
Unfortunately, it started sprinkling as soon as we arrived. When Arlo finished getting his skull and flames tattoo, the rain turned into a downpour and we had to eat our ice cream cones under a tree. (Yes, we Oregonians enjoy ice cream even in cold, wet weather!) We finally decided our efforts were better spent elsewhere so we walked through puddles with the rest of the land lubbers and went to visit a bookstore that one of Gary's friends owns.

Please note the before and after photos of Aurora. Before and after grog, that is.