Monday, September 22, 2008

Uneventful Monday

Not much happened today, but in the spirit of updating every day, here is a post.

Smacky is currently making her taking-corners-too-fast squeals, arms splayed on the bed, panting like a dog and sleeping, albeit lightly. Hopefully she'll continue to sleep so I can finish this and slip in beside her, since it's my bedtime, now. (9:30)

Granny came over for a short visit today and then we had a 40-minute nap during which I fed Smacky so inadequately that she finally forced me to awaken and do it correctly. She finds it unacceptable when I fall asleep with the bottle in her mouth because my hand pulls the bottle down and it ends up on the pillow or the bed and that doesn't help her eat, does it! So I wake up, resituate the bottle and fall asleep again, only to be awakened (again!) by her sounds of protest.

Ah, families. We torture each other, yet we can't help loving each other.