Friday, September 26, 2008

Polio, Pertussis and Tetanus, oh my!

Yesterday was the day that lives in moms' minds for a long time: baby's first vaccinations. (dun dun duhhhh)

Smacky has two little scabs on her soft left thigh where the nurse jabbed her. I held her hands to keep them from flailing and the nurse surprised me by getting her leg up on the table and sitting on Smacky's feet. Then two shots, about 10 seconds of screaming, and it was over. Phew! I wasn't sure if she would have a very bad reaction, but this fits with what I've seen so far of her personality- pain tolerant and easy going. What a great baby.

We went downtown to have lunch with Gary today and afterwards she was a little sad and fussy, so I put her down for another nap when we got home. Hopefully she's not feeling too sick because Gary's sister Laurie is in town this weekend and we're planning to spend some time with his family.