Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Day of Work

Well, my first day at work was a great success in some ways, somewhat sucky in other ways.

Smacky and I woke up together at 6:30 with smiles on her part and grogginess on mine. I deposited her with her daddy and got ready for work, then left around 7:30 with them still snuggling in bed.

My coworkers decorated my desk with many "Welcome Back, Katy!" signs, photos of Smacky hanging from curling ribbon from the ceiling, some really funny Chuck Norris photos (see 2nd and 3rd phots), and my stuffed animal toys spread out on my desk, waiting to greet me. What a happy surprise! People greeted me with warmth all day and I went to lunch with one of my best work friends. Yay!

After a dark and rainy drive home at 5 o'clock, I arrived at a warm house, an offer of dinner and a happy, babbling baby. She became slightly cranky as I removed her from the swing to hold her, and fell asleep after about 10 minutes of being in my arms. At least we get to sleep together tonight.

Gary said she had three naps today, which is a record (way to go, Gary!), and it was very nice not to have her melt down like she does when she hasn't slept enough.

The upside is that I have extra time to blog tonight!

On sadder note, my ex mother-in-law's beloved dog Ching-Ching passed away this week. She will be dearly missed by Linda and Jim and their remaining dog Sheba. Read about it and see Ching-Ching's photograph at Dusty Angels (link to the right). Rest in Peace, Ching-Ching.