Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Growth, Finally

Aurora has a new office- a highchair given to us from David York's son Joseph. (Thank you, David!)

The graphic on the chair looks like a little hat, doesn't it?

Now she can see OVER the table instead of rooting around at our feet like a common swine. Way to move up in the world, baby!

Smile, Baby

I don't remember it, but apparently having sharp teeth move through your gums hurts like a mother.

Smacky has been having a hard time of it lately as a lone upper tooth fights its way through her tender, virgin gums. We have plenty of things she can chew on, homeopathic gum gel (which is much tastier than orajel, I tell you what), icy bottles and delicious cherry flavored children's tylenol (most of which she spits out).

Thanksgiving was her worst night yet. She awoke from a nap to find herself surrounded by strangers with mom nowhere in sight, mouth hurting, and groggy to boot. After everyone left for the night her pain increased and she spent several minutes screaming in Gary's lap before we thought to give her the tylenol.

This morning she was a little fussy but by the time I left for work, she was all smiles. Gary captured this photo in which she shows her team pride for one of those college football teams. (I forget which is which.)