Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hello, Friend

Several weeks ago, my mom and I took smacky on a thrift shopping extravaganza. We visited Value Village in Milwaukie, Red White and Blue in Gladstone, and somewhere else that slips my mind.

At that point, Smacky was just starting to be interested in toys and her hands were getting strong and wily enough to hold small items. I found several bags of good toys (mostly Sassy and Lamaze), one of which contained this strange alien-like bug with tiny, scrunchy wings and an accoutrement attached to each of his (her?) legs. Most of these toys have a hook or clip on the top, allowing them to be attached to her swing, bouncy seat, carseat, etc and they've provided her with HOURS of entertainment.

The only drawback is when we think she's having fun but she's actually getting bored. Then the toys get the brunt of her frustration as she yells and hollers at them. It's funny until we realize that she's starting to get upset.