Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Childcare Woes

We're pretty lucky with our childcare situation. My mom watches Smacky on Mondays and Fridays and Gary works from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays while watchingAurora and Arlo.

Smacky goes to Kindercare on Wednesdays, sharing care with 8 other babies between two caregivers. I've been pretty happy with Kindercare, and so has Smacky, until their "reservation" fees started.

When Aurora misses a day, they charge us half-price, even if they're closed. I suppose it makes sense since they still have to staff the center, but we missed three days last month and $160 for no services is a little steep.

So we're looking for a new provider. Maybe I'm crazy and everyone operates this way. I guess we'll see! Does anyone have any suggestions or criticisms to help our search?
UPDATE: We found out yesterday that Gary can't work at home any longer, so we need to find a facility that will care for Smacky three days a week. We're looking into the Y- any opinions on that?

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Linda Meikle said...

That's why god made TWO grandmas!

I think that no-show charge is pretty common. I know. It doesn't seem fair.

Maybe a live-in nanny?

Good luck.

~~Mama Linda