Thursday, January 8, 2009

Precious Sleep

Smacky and I haven't been sleeping well lately. Not well at all.

Whether due to the fact that she's back in daycare, or that she's adjusting to life after having two weeks at home, or just that I'm slower on the draw with the nighttime bottle, she has been up in the night fussing QUITE A BIT lately.

I made an executive decision to use disposable diapers in bed since I was changing her cloth diapers 3-5 times each night. This way I don't change her at all and she only eats when she wakes. I thought we would get more sleep this way but it feels like less!

Yesterday, her first day at Kindercare in a month, there were new/different caretakers, new screaming babies and screamingly bright fluorescent lights. Hence, Smacky only took three ten-minute naps.

Gary somehow enticed her into sleeping for two hours today, but apparently she's still sleepy, as evidenced by this photograph. She loves to rub her eyes when she's about to fall asleep, sometimes keeping herself awake with those tiny fingers.

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