Saturday, January 10, 2009

Spaghetti and Swimming

Today was a day of fun firsts!

Granny got me and Smacky a present of swimming lessons at the Mt Scott Community Center near our house. They remodeled it a few years ago and it went from a plain rectangular outdoor pool to 2 indoor pools and a hottub. It's fancy now! There were about 10 other parents in our class who sang to, propelled, accidentally dunked and then comforted their babies along with me.

(This is a stock photo from their website, not a photo from today.)

I didn't think ahead last summer in order to get a suit, so Smacky wore an old onesie instead of a real swimsuit like some of the other babies. All in all it seemed like it was at least tolerable for her. She didn't seem uncomfortable but she was definitely working on getting her swimming legs. Hopefully Gary or Granny can come sometime and get some photos of Smacky in the pool.

In other news, I ground up some
spaghetti and sauce today and Smacky had her first spaghetti. I was surprised that she liked the strong flavor but she gobbled it down, extra garlic and all. Too bad I didn't think to grind up some garlic bread.

Arlo helped me peel, cut, and grind apples for baby applesauce for a different meal. What a good helper!

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