Saturday, February 7, 2009

Play It Again, Smacky

Smacky hammed it up on Friday at the piano, playing favorites such as Piano Man, The Entertainer, and a little Beethoven thrown in for classical flair.

She still needs to be held on the bench by Granny, lest she fall backwards like she did twice on Monday. (Not off the piano bench.)

In other news, Smacky's gross motor skills are coming along by leaps and bounds! Where a month ago she could barely pick up anything on her own, now she's picking up food, toys, and especially grabbing handfuls of my hair and pulling.

She can sit by herself for short minutes (then she falls backwards) and she can stand by herself when propped (ditto on the falling backwards- we learned the hard way on both of these on Monday).

Most miraculously, she can roll over! Right from her back to her front, and then her face is stuck in the pillow. I think it's partly because the bed slopes into the center, but maybe it's because of Smacky's strong, strong quads.

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