Friday, March 20, 2009

First, Unbutton. Then, Button Up.

I dressed Smacky in a dress the other day for the first time in AGES. It was a little overalls-dress sort of thing made out of denim. As I pulled the ensemble over her head I was relieved that it was so easy- no hollering when it got caught on her head, no worrying that she might get stuck forever and have to live her life with a shirt/skirt stuck on her head (because really, why else do they shriek like there's a fire when a shirt gets caught on their heads?!)

Except I had forgotten to unbutton the side buttons, so her arms were pinned to her sides as I kept pulling the skirt down to get it on.

Then I laughed and laughed, and ran to get the camera. At the point of the photo, she's bored with sitting there, pinned and cute, and is trying to reach the tube of desitin from under the skirt.

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