Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who Loves Vacations?

We had a fun weekend at the Oregon Coast, Gary and Aurora and I.

Gary and I spent a lot of the time playing with Aurora on the bed- rolling from side to side and almost off the edge a few times (once I caught her with her head and shoulders off, happily sliding towards the floor) bouncing, dancing, etc. I felt comfortable leaving her in the middle of the king-sized bed when she was occupied with a toy (or two), like in this picture. She doesn't tend to wander when she's busy.

Her activity cube and be-crowned duck were an almost endless source of amusement, as Gary and I ate a meal or talked at the table nearby.

We also had a very persistent seagull who loitered for quite a while outside our window. And right next to the Do NOT feed the ANIMALS! sign. Silly bird. Couldn't he read?

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