Monday, July 27, 2009

Smacky's Birthday Dinner

We took my parents to Sweet Tomatoes for Smacky's first birthday celebration. She and Arlo both enjoyed their gifts and everyone liked the brownies.

Here she is, slightly fuzzy, eating. Or rather, chewing things and spitting them out. She's like cookie monster in that way, just without the gobbling sounds and violent flailing.

Christmas (Duck) in July

Aurora still fits in her little above-the-sink bathtub, although sometimes when she gets splashy the floor gets wet.

Here she is this weekend, enjoying Christmas Duck. It was in the 90s this weekend but it's supposed to be 102 tomorrow and the next day, so we will be splashing around in the big tub this week.

Stay tuned for photos of that!

A Thief in the Crowd

The signs were all against going to Seaside this weekend: my mom didn't want to come, I was feeling like staying home, smacky doesn't like clams.

We went anyway, my mom deciding at the last minute to accompany me and smacky, and I wasn't very careful with my purse.

Maybe because there wasn't that much in it, but instead of putting it underneath the diaperbag, I perched it on top, and some unscrupulous so-and-so snatched it and ran off.

Thank goodness I had the important things in my pocket or at home: my car keys, cell phone, credit card, ipod, checkbook, and digital camera were all safe. Unfortunate for my favorite wallet, my various gift cards, and anyone who uses my fred meyer rewards card to get ten cents off a gas fill-up.


We did have a fun time up until we realized my purse was missing. We had a nice seafood lunch (Smacky decided she really did like clams as she shared Granny's clam chowder), I tried on hats at the hat shop by the carousel (along with everyone else; ew, dirty!), and Smacky and my mom danced and laughed as we listened to the songs on her stroller.

Then we drove away as fast as we could, as if the thief was following us and looking for more.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Zoo Trip

A few weeks ago Aurora and I were getting ready to sneak out of the house to the zoo without the boys.

Where are you going? Arlo asked.
To the park, I replied.
What park, he wanted to know.
Inwardly cursing my lack of lying ability that day, I told him, and of
course he wanted to come.

Gary was still in bed, so Smacky cleverly roused him by falling down the stairs and wailing like a siren. Finally, tears dried and backpacks packed, we were ready to go, and even though it wasn't the quiet, mellow Smacky and Mommy trip that I'd envisioned, we had fun.

We trundled around Africa, stopped on the lawn for an elephant ear, and took some photos at a mini-playground near the elephant house. We visited the birds who will drink from your $1-per-ounce cup of sugar water if you're made of money. (We, disappointingly to some, did not feed the birds.)

Then Gary and Arlo stayed to explore the area around the zoo and take the bus home while Aurora and I went home for a nap and some quiet.

And, of course, another bottle.

It's not just you, folks- she really does eat all the time.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Over Here, Guys!

Occasionally we go for walks after dinner, if it's not too late, or the weather is warm, or the mood strikes us (or Dairy Queen is calling).

Aurora was wearing her fleece footie pajamas in this shot, so it must have been late spring when we walked to the school near our house and stopped to watch the guys play basketball.

Fascinating for a baby, especially one who enjoys playing with balls. Just not ones that hurt when you throw them at someone, like basketballs.

Birthday Party Workout

Arlo had his 7th birthday party at his kung fu dojo in April, and Smacky tagged along.

Here she is steadying the heavy bag after a particularly rough round of punching and kicking.

I think she's distracted because the party boys finally got their piƱata open. Look at all those unsafe-for-baby toys!

Oh yeah. Let's see how Chinese fingertraps taste.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aurora Luna, Three Months Old

Remember when all Smacky could do was lie there, waiting for someone to come and talk to her and change her diaper? (Or stare in fear at the telephone that also took photographs and played music- freaky! See above.)

Since I wasn't half as social on my maternity leave as I thought I'd be, you probably don't.

Here are photos of 3 month old Smacky for your first-time (or remembering) viewing pleasure.

Aw, Smacky's first smile. It's not just gas, people! She's genuinely happy. I had just told her we were having pancakes for dinner, and she loves them.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Crib Perspectives

Sometimes Aurora plays in our bedroom.

The foam alphabet and number blocks are soft for her feet and knees.

There is plenty of opportunity for toys to hide but Aurora always finds them.

Here is one of Aurora's numerous ducks. She has eight or ten in her collection so far.

Aurora enjoys sitting down and pulling herself up, time after time. She is a very determined practicer of this sort of activity.

She has so much fun with her crib when she's not actually IN it.

And as always, she likes to know what I'm up to. Hello, baby!

This Key Opens Your Mouth

Aurora and my mom and I went to the zoo yesterday. I hoped that since it was overcast we would be the only ones there, but alas, many other families showed up to ogle animals with us.

My mom sprang for a zoo key, which is a little key that you put into a hole at various exhibits to play special recorded information about what's going on in front of you.

Here is Aurora enjoying a fresh, clean(ish) zoo key in her piehole as we walked along the path to the first exhibit.