Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Zoo Trip

A few weeks ago Aurora and I were getting ready to sneak out of the house to the zoo without the boys.

Where are you going? Arlo asked.
To the park, I replied.
What park, he wanted to know.
Inwardly cursing my lack of lying ability that day, I told him, and of
course he wanted to come.

Gary was still in bed, so Smacky cleverly roused him by falling down the stairs and wailing like a siren. Finally, tears dried and backpacks packed, we were ready to go, and even though it wasn't the quiet, mellow Smacky and Mommy trip that I'd envisioned, we had fun.

We trundled around Africa, stopped on the lawn for an elephant ear, and took some photos at a mini-playground near the elephant house. We visited the birds who will drink from your $1-per-ounce cup of sugar water if you're made of money. (We, disappointingly to some, did not feed the birds.)

Then Gary and Arlo stayed to explore the area around the zoo and take the bus home while Aurora and I went home for a nap and some quiet.

And, of course, another bottle.

It's not just you, folks- she really does eat all the time.

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