Monday, July 27, 2009

A Thief in the Crowd

The signs were all against going to Seaside this weekend: my mom didn't want to come, I was feeling like staying home, smacky doesn't like clams.

We went anyway, my mom deciding at the last minute to accompany me and smacky, and I wasn't very careful with my purse.

Maybe because there wasn't that much in it, but instead of putting it underneath the diaperbag, I perched it on top, and some unscrupulous so-and-so snatched it and ran off.

Thank goodness I had the important things in my pocket or at home: my car keys, cell phone, credit card, ipod, checkbook, and digital camera were all safe. Unfortunate for my favorite wallet, my various gift cards, and anyone who uses my fred meyer rewards card to get ten cents off a gas fill-up.


We did have a fun time up until we realized my purse was missing. We had a nice seafood lunch (Smacky decided she really did like clams as she shared Granny's clam chowder), I tried on hats at the hat shop by the carousel (along with everyone else; ew, dirty!), and Smacky and my mom danced and laughed as we listened to the songs on her stroller.

Then we drove away as fast as we could, as if the thief was following us and looking for more.

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