Thursday, August 20, 2009

Todai Experience

Gary and I love to go to Todai on our birthdays. Delicious sushi buffet, buy one get one free!
This year we took Aurora and Arlo. Arlo enjoyed some orange chicken, potstickers and tempura, but Aurora just wasn't feeling it.

Sarah, our babysitter extraordinaire, has been teaching Aurora how to sign, and so far (to my knowledge), Aurora knows two signs: done and dog. I think the done sign (arms up, rotating hands back and forth) is more of a catch-all, but she does make herself

clear, especially at meals.

Sunday (which was Gary's Birthday), Aurora got in her highchair, ate one piece of banana, and signed to me that she was done.

We convinced her to eat more fruit, some noodles, and some rice, and she seemed pretty happy to hang around and wait for us without any of the boredom side effects. (Thank goodness!)

At one point a 2-year-old at another table had a meltdown and started crying and shrieking because he wanted his toy. (I was walking by as it started and I saw the toy just out of reach as the shrieks started. Who knows, he might have been tired, too.)

After a few minutes of him sobbing and screaming, Aurora started emiting her own little screams, whether in solidarity or because the bar for misbehavior had been lowered. It was like a pack of
wolves talking to each other, Gary said. We and the table nearby us chuckled at her cuteness.
FINALLY we finished eating and it was time to go.

Phew! So many things to see and so little time. How dare we cut into her exciting day by making her sit still and do nothing?
See-food, anyone?

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