Friday, September 25, 2009

Doctor Time!

Smacky's first doctor appointment for shots, the day I thought would live forever in my brain, was replaced today by her 12-month appointment (2 months late).

Today Aurora took one look at the scale (just the scale, mind you) at the doctor's office and started crying.

That was nothing compared to being held down by Gary and poked three times by that awful nurse (I think she's fabulous, personally, but she doesn't sit on my legs and jab me with needles). Then we went to the lab where the phlebotomist couldn't find Aurora's vein and wiggled the needle around and around in Aurora's little arm until she gave up. Gary held her on his lap and I had to hold her arm straight while Aurora cried and struggled. She even had to spit out her bite of granola bar so she wouldn't choke, and ended up throwing up from crying so hard. (Aurora, not the phlebotomist.)

Poor thing!
Here is a photo of her before the immunizations, learning all about the otoscope from Dr Susie.
By the way, she was getting her blood drawn for a lead test since we live in an old house. That's all.


Linda Meikle said...

Smart girl. Give em hell. Did they ever get the blood drawn?

Sarah Rose Evans said...

Ouch. Poor baby! Sounds traumatic.