Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Balloon

Aurora had such a terrible time at the doctor on Friday that I thought I would buy her a balloon on Sunday. I rarely buy her toys because she has the run of all of Arlo's toys, and she has a whole corner of the living room full of toys at my parents' house, and I don't want her to become a materialistic greedy gus. (See how I am? And generous, too- wow, a whole balloon! Don't overspend there, Mama.)

Every time Aurora woke up on Friday night, she cried. Cry, flail, don't hold me, kick, keep crying. Cry cry cry. Saturday morning she had fun at a puppet show with Gary and Arlo and but was tired and needy when she came home, and Saturday night she was very well-behaved at a big family dinner at the Ringside until she melted down into a crying, kicking mess.

Sunday she and I walked up to Mall 205 and after stopping for coffee, walked to the dollar tree. So many fun things! Halloween galore, early Christmas, and lots of bobbing helium balloons. I chose the most interesting, brightly colored balloon, and she was so happy about it she hugged and kissed it.

She took it to daycare this morning and even though she was sad when I left, Sarah's cat chewing on the balloon's ribbon made her laugh.

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