Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grub, Grub! I Want Grub!

My mom came over today and single-handedly cleaned my kitchen while Smacky and I snoozed the morning away. What an awesome task! Thank you, Mom!

After that, we all went to Kettleman's, a somewhat new bagel shop, and loaded up on carbs. To quell Smacky's car-crying (crying in the car, of course, which is much more agitating than house-crying or crying anywhere else where the sound doesn't reverberate and bore through your head like a dentist's drill), I broke off a piece of multigrain bagel and handed it back to her.

That baby sucked and chewed on that bagel for the next HOUR, turning and examining it like she was eating a chicken bone clean. We stopped at an estate sale and she sat on the couch, smiling at delighted shoppers and chewing on her treasure, not making a peep. A bagel could be more than just a delicious sandwich option, people. It could be the secret to keeping babies from crying in the car!

Pass it on.