Monday, March 2, 2009

Frog on a Lilypad

When I'm not too tired and when Smacky is feeling athletic, we make the trek to our swimming class down the street.

On Valentine's Day many babies were absent, probably because their parents had overindulged in too many sugary cupcakes and had to stay home to recover. We, however, had no such problem, having eaten our cupcakes a week earlier, so we all got out of bed and made our way to the community center.

In addition to the rousing renditions of a bunch of songs I've honestly NEVER HEARD OF, this day the babies got to "play" instead of "learning."

This meant that Smacky got to float on a foam frog during class. It also meant no accidentally swallowed water, and no choking. I think the babies were all grateful for that.

Photographs courtesy of our fabulous in-home photographer Gary.