Friday, March 27, 2009

Delicious Wood Pulp

Aurora loves two things: putting everything she can into her mouth, and tearing paper. Well, she loves milk and Mithra, too, but those aren't the topic today.

My dad loves to tell me about how I would greet him as a toddler with his brand new magazines, the covers ALWAYS torn off.

As I opened my new Sunset magazine the other day, a tourist magazine fell out, and quicker than I could say Smackerella, Aurora had torn the cover off. I hope it made my dad feel better when I told him that my spawn is doing the same thing I did to him.

Here she is enjoying a little nosh on a couple of circulars that I gave her. We'll call them appetizers, since she's obviously waiting for a meal with her bib on, sitting in her high chair, and hungry as a bear. Or as a beaver.


Despite having a cross-eyed "tough guy" look (or because of it), Smacky fits right in with the homies at our house.
They were listening to NWA that day, I think.