Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dairy Queen 2

Here is another photo of Aurora enjoying her ice cream cone the other night.

Due to trying to hide my hoggish nature, I didn't mention that Aurora needed a little help with her cone.

Forgetting to model How to Eat an Ice Cream Cone, I stuck it up to her face and she gamely stuck her tongue out and planted her mouth on the ice cream. She didn't really get much, so I started spooning the ice cream into her mouth. She promptly spit out each bite, unused to the cold.

Even after showing her how to lick it with several licks, she didn't want to lick it (or maybe I just got going too fast and ate a bit too much. Ahem.) so I gave her the cone which was really only eaten down to the top of the cone. There was still plenty of ice cream, people!

She chewed on the cone and stuck her fingers into the ice cream, dribbling it all over her leg and down her wrists. She seemed to enjoy it until she decided she was done and dropped it on the floor, then cried when I threw it away.