Monday, July 13, 2009

Crib Perspectives

Sometimes Aurora plays in our bedroom.

The foam alphabet and number blocks are soft for her feet and knees.

There is plenty of opportunity for toys to hide but Aurora always finds them.

Here is one of Aurora's numerous ducks. She has eight or ten in her collection so far.

Aurora enjoys sitting down and pulling herself up, time after time. She is a very determined practicer of this sort of activity.

She has so much fun with her crib when she's not actually IN it.

And as always, she likes to know what I'm up to. Hello, baby!

This Key Opens Your Mouth

Aurora and my mom and I went to the zoo yesterday. I hoped that since it was overcast we would be the only ones there, but alas, many other families showed up to ogle animals with us.

My mom sprang for a zoo key, which is a little key that you put into a hole at various exhibits to play special recorded information about what's going on in front of you.

Here is Aurora enjoying a fresh, clean(ish) zoo key in her piehole as we walked along the path to the first exhibit.