Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sleep, My Pretty, Sleep

We finally have a consistent bedtime ritual, Smacky and I.

We have always tried to bathe every day or two (or three), and then we lie in bed for a bit and do some reading (I give Smacky a bottle so she has to relax instead of frolic).

Then I either put her in her crib, where she cries and cries until I put her in the bed, or I leave her in the bed where she plays and plays until I put her in the crib (where she cries until I put her BACK in the bed), or until she falls asleep on her own.

Tedious? Yes. Confusing for Smacky? Probably.

I did have her sleeping in her crib all night in May (with a minimum of crying), but now we're in a different sort of rhythm due to the disruption of Teething. (For the record, y'all, Aurora has five teeth- two on top and three on the bottom. Aw yeah.) At least this way ends in sleep for everyone.

Here is Aurora, sacked out last month. She worms all over the bed in her sleep and this night she ended up with her bottom on her pillow.