Monday, April 19, 2010

Gimme That!

Talk to the hand, people. Aurora's busy (happily so).

Friday, April 16, 2010

Toddler Tasks

Here's Aurora last week as we drove home from Granny's house. She is intently working on putting her necklace in the measuring cup and taking it out. I told her she could sit in the front seat if she did it a thousand times before we got home. We were almost home and she was only on 27. Oh, well. Maybe next time!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sticky Rice and Wet Bear

Since the weather is getting nicer and I'm getting fatter, I've been thinking of fun ways to get out and get moving. One idea is to install the baby seat on my bicycle and take Aurora riding. (I also want to get her a balance bike but that's a birthday secret. Shh!)

So we went out and bought a nice yellow helmet on Saturday and now we just have to find some wheels. After our strenuous walk from the parking lot to the bike store we were famished, so we had to get some dinner right away. Here is Aurora, hogging down some sticky rice, and Gary patiently waiting for his noodles. After she finished with the rice she wanted to play with everything else on the table, and get down, and jump on the bench and give her bear a drink in my water glass. Surprisingly the bear didn't drown even though he got a dunking similar to what a witch might get back in the day. At least she didn't throw the wet bear into another diner's dinner. Finally dinner came and she tucked in (see above). Stuff stuff stuff...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Frosting Fun

Cousin Jen, Lily and sweet baby James came over last month for some hangin' out.

Everything else we did paled in comparison to our gastronomic activities, seen here with Arlo and Lily decorating cupcakes and Aurora fixated on Sweet Baby James, who's lolling around on the floor. Arlo mixed up the orange frosting that he's using- isn't the color great?

Stroller Cruelty

Aurora loves to push her own stroller around. Except when she's been walking for MILES- then she gets hungry and cranky, like in this photo.

We're so cruel to make her push the stroller ALL the way to the estate sale and then ALL the way back.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Complete Easter Breakfast

Here is Aurora, toast and egg in hand, posing at our house during our easter egg hunt.

I punched up the colors in this photo- look how green the grass is! It really brings out her blue eyes and red hair, too.

That's me in the background, fooling with my phone.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Eggs and Bunnies and Ham, oh my!

What an exciting weekend we had! Aurora and Arlo helped me cook for the two Easter dinners we attended, to start. Here they are on Saturday, Arlo taking a break from stirring the chocolate cake batter to help Aurora stir her deviled egg mixture.
We went to Cousin Amy and Emma's house on Saturday for pre-Easter lunch. Amy's fiance Matt hid 250 candy-filled eggs throughout their house for the 7 kids to find. My camera is too slow to capture running and screaming, but here's one of Aurora sniffing the scented candles on Amy's front porch.
James and Cousin Jen had us over for dinner on Sunday, where we had honeybaked ham and cheesy potatoes and fresh, tender asparagus. The Easter bunny hid eggs from our house and theirs in their large yard, and boy was Lily excited about it! Aurora was happy to eat the egg she found (and the "ball" yolk), and Arlo was relieved that the Easter bunny hid eggs at our house AND there. Oh, the magic of the Easter bunny! And the deliciousness of HAM. Something for everyone, thank goodness!

Friday, April 2, 2010

More Children's Museum

Here are two more shots of smacky at the Children's Museum on Monday. She's checking out the fish in the top one and running to the treehouse in the bottom one. I would love to have a large enough house to have more fun things for Aurora and Arlo to do, or have some carpenter skills to build a play structure in the backyard (or $2000 to buy one!). Luckily there's the cultural pass from the Lake Oswego Library so we can go to the Children's Museum for free whenever we want.