Monday, April 5, 2010

Eggs and Bunnies and Ham, oh my!

What an exciting weekend we had! Aurora and Arlo helped me cook for the two Easter dinners we attended, to start. Here they are on Saturday, Arlo taking a break from stirring the chocolate cake batter to help Aurora stir her deviled egg mixture.
We went to Cousin Amy and Emma's house on Saturday for pre-Easter lunch. Amy's fiance Matt hid 250 candy-filled eggs throughout their house for the 7 kids to find. My camera is too slow to capture running and screaming, but here's one of Aurora sniffing the scented candles on Amy's front porch.
James and Cousin Jen had us over for dinner on Sunday, where we had honeybaked ham and cheesy potatoes and fresh, tender asparagus. The Easter bunny hid eggs from our house and theirs in their large yard, and boy was Lily excited about it! Aurora was happy to eat the egg she found (and the "ball" yolk), and Arlo was relieved that the Easter bunny hid eggs at our house AND there. Oh, the magic of the Easter bunny! And the deliciousness of HAM. Something for everyone, thank goodness!

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