Tuesday, July 27, 2010

White! White!

Aurora enjoys running around half-naked, and we let her because it means she's more inclined to use the potty by herself without being asked.

Last night she announced that she had to go potty and ran upstairs to do her business. After coming down to high praise, I asked her if she had wiped (she says white instead of wipe.) Instead of answering, she ran over to the stairs and began the trip again. A few minutes later I heard her descending, and turning my head, got a snoutful of toilet paper. Good girl! Can you please put it in the garbage now and not in Mommy's face? Stairs again so she could put it in its proper place. She got a good workout!

The next time I went upstairs, I found hard evidence that she did indeed wipe. At least Mittens hadn't found it and clawed it up! Back into the bathroom it went.