Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cupcakes and New Words

Cupcakes were our amusement this weekend when cousins Jennifer, Lily and James visited. Arlo mixed up some very nice orange frosting to go with our chocolate, Lily made some nice blue frosting, and Jen tinted coconut green.

Aurora only had the choice of chocolate but she got down and dirty with the rest of us (probably a little more dirty) and enjoyed her dessert very much.
"Noy?" she'll say when she sees this photo with her nose covered in frosting. After a few minutes in the garden this weekend she can now say weed ("wee"). Other new words are nine (fairly accurate as nine) and yowl, her name for Mithra. (Which is also fairly accurate; I've never heard a cat yowl as lustily as Mithra does.) She tried seaweed last night but it came out as WEEwee, a good try but just not there yet. Oh, and sssss for snake.