Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sticky Rice and Wet Bear

Since the weather is getting nicer and I'm getting fatter, I've been thinking of fun ways to get out and get moving. One idea is to install the baby seat on my bicycle and take Aurora riding. (I also want to get her a balance bike but that's a birthday secret. Shh!)

So we went out and bought a nice yellow helmet on Saturday and now we just have to find some wheels. After our strenuous walk from the parking lot to the bike store we were famished, so we had to get some dinner right away. Here is Aurora, hogging down some sticky rice, and Gary patiently waiting for his noodles. After she finished with the rice she wanted to play with everything else on the table, and get down, and jump on the bench and give her bear a drink in my water glass. Surprisingly the bear didn't drown even though he got a dunking similar to what a witch might get back in the day. At least she didn't throw the wet bear into another diner's dinner. Finally dinner came and she tucked in (see above). Stuff stuff stuff...