Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bok! Bok!

Every time we drive by any amount of trees, Aurora lets us know that she wants to stop and play. "Bok! Bok!" she cries, alerting us to a park in the vicinity and the potential for fun to be had.

We went to Mt Tabor last weekend for a short play. The playground by the off-leash area is old school with only a merry go round, slide, and swings.

Gary and Aurora went down the slide about 50 times, always being careful to tuck Aurora's arms and legs in so they wouldn't get caught on the side and broken (not kidding) while I tickled her tummy from the side as they slid down.

Then Gary and I sat on the merry go round while Aurora pushed us. She is such a good little helper since she doesn't know much about the drudgeries of Work yet.