Monday, October 25, 2010

Seaside Mini-Vacation

Sorry, peeps, layoffs and new job duties have rendered my time at work actual WORK time (psh!) so I've had less time to blog.

Here are Aurora and Gary at Taco Shark in Seaside, enjoying "dips" (Aurora's word for chips) and salsa.
We had half a day (Friday) of clear weather, where we enjoyed seafood, playing in the sand (Gary and Aurora), a prestolog fire and going to bed early.
Saturday it rained but we went out for fun and games in the morning, visiting the carousel, a toy store, and the Seaside Aquarium. I'd never been to the Seaside Aquarium before and it was pretty neat. We ended up buying 5 little trays of fish for the seals and we all enjoyed throwing the seals fish and getting splashed by the impatient seal. (Aurora didn't like getting water in her eyes, though.)
Sunday Aurora and I went to the beach and found lots of jellyfish to look at and touch (gently!) and then came back to the motel for a nice hot bath. Then we came home.