Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Here are some things Aurora's said lately:

As I was driving, getting riled up by some other drivers: "Why you say 'bitches', Mommy?"

After excitedly calling me into the bathroom to show me the pages of her book while on the toilet: "You go now. Wowa have privacy."

Bringing me an empty baby bottle I'd accidentally tossed into the trash in my room: "In garbage. Someone threw it. Maybe YOU?" After I began laughing and confessed, she said, "Not diaper, bottle."

Last night she held a sock between her legs and said, "Look mommy, sock penis!" Arlo thought that was mighty funny.

After I told her several stories, I figured it was her turn. "You tell me a story now," I suggested. "No, Wowa too tired," she replied, throwing my favorite excuse neatly back into my face.

While riding with Aurora and my mom: "Oh, look at that dog!" I said to them. They both looked and my mom said, "Where?" "YOU missed it," Aurora told her casually, unconcerned for my mom's disappointment.

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